FOBB’s Volunteer Group has been tackling the non-native invasive species, Himalayan Balsam and Giant Hogweed, which have been taking over the land beside the Bowdon Bollin to the detriment of local wild flowers. As well as excluding native species, Balsam worsens riverbank erosion and Giant Hogweed sap can burn skin on contact. Japanese Knotweed is also spreading in this area.

Over the past year FOBB volunteers have pulled up masses of Himalayan Balsam, dug out thousands of Giant Hogweed plants, sprayed Japanese Knotweed clumps and worked with local landowners to raise awareness of this problem.

We’ve also spent a day hedge-laying with Sale and Altrincham Conservation Volunteers and barrowed mud off the Grange Road footpath. We’re currently putting together a bid to the Manchester Airport Fund to support further invasive species control and planning how we can improve the muddy footpath from Priory Bridge.

Come and contribute to our plans for this year!

FOBB members pulling Himalayan Balsam


Membership of FOBB is free but we need funds to cover our annual insurance for the volunteer group as well as to equip our Giant Hogweed team.

However please donate so we can continue our work to protect local countryside walks via our PayPal account.

Cheques are also welcome please make them payable to ‘Friends of the Bowdon Bollin’, c/o Bridget Green, 26 Grange Road, Bowdon, Altrincham, WA14 3EE.

Please setup any standing orders or direct debit to our bank account: 70607494, sort code: 51 61 11
Please let us know if you set one up.

Join our volunteers

If you would like to volunteer please click here to register your interest or alternatively please call: 0161 928 7742