Dirty work

Saturday April 14th proved to be an excellent day for laying the second section of the Ashley Mill path. Parents, children and dogs turned out to help complete the work started in November .

Everyone pitched in with some jobs dirtier than others, (see right). A long day left everyone completely exhausted. Sadly, there was one casualty – too much fun on the river bank rather than too much work – Florence Riley slipped and suffered a serious break to her arm. We all wish her a speedy recovery.

The finished article





Worth the pain?

Hearty thanks to one and all, including Katie Riley for making arrangements, Bruce Dagley and Martin Green for putting in an even longer day than the rest of the hard-working team, by the end of Saturday the job was completed, together with a second section of path next to the river, making the walk to school considerably easier and benefitting the wider community in general. A job well done.